Palisade Fencing

Palisades is the essence of advanced levels of security. While high boundary walls may act as a deterrent and offer a sense of security, they also offer a would-be burglar with the privacy they need should they gain access to the property.

Our palisade fencing is made of only the highest quality steel, manufactured according to standard industry specications and only ‘’A’’ grade materials are utilized in our processes.

Electric Fencing

By far the most inhibiting barrier type.
Electric Fencing offer a ‘’peace of mind’’ protection carrying high voltage through all the live strands, deterring unwanted intruders. Any breach of the fence will activate an alarm by means of a siren / radio signal to a security company.
Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff, giving you peace of mind that your installation is compliant with all local bylaws together with being C.O.C. Certified where necessary.

Designer Fencing

A recent addition to Fenceoff’s product list is Betafence systems products.
These products have a more durable life span then palisade fencing due to the treatment process they are put through while being manufactured. Providing a relatively rigid barrier depending on the application that you might require.

In these often troubled times, the need to feel safe has become fundamental and therefore while respecting the disire for freedom, we offer protection of everything people value.

Concrete Palisade Fencing

At an impressive height of 2,2m, it not only provides high impact security but also is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Common and typical applications include fencing-off national roads, suburbs, schools, sensitive sites and industrial premises.

Each uprights is 120mm in width and has a steel reinforcing bar in the centre – making it a superior product over other manufactures. The holes for the cross beams are not completely through and the poles are left with a 70mm rib to increase the strength of the concrete pole.

Alternative Fencing

Fenceoff offer a range of Alternative Fencing from Diamond Mesh to Wall Top Flat Wrap. These types of fencing alternatives are both functional and reliable.

All security situations are different and that is why Fenceoff has created solutions that can meet the most diverse needs. Our Team always proposes the most suitable approach based on the specific situation, the security level required and the risk assessment.

Designer Gates

Fenceoff is engaged in manufacturing and supplying excellent quality Designer Gates that are known for their elegant looks.

Our Gates are crafted by our team of experts, who put extra effort in, in order to enhance a clients premises.  Designer Gates are made in various sizes, designs and colours in order to meet the client need.We offer a wide range of driveway or pedestrian gate styles to suit your requirements. When considering a gate it is important to bear in mind what the end result is that you would like to achieve.

Balustrades and Banisters

Various combinations of tubing sizes (round, square, and rectangular) can be used to create a unique, high quality steel balustrade. Architectural elements of the building need to be considered when deciding on what balustrading design would best compliment the overall appearance of the building.

We also manufature various banisters and handrails for staircases be it residential or commercial.


Primarily a barrier fence, ElectroMesh can also be monitored and fully electried (low or high voltage).
Only one fence is required, instead of two as required by law. Components are either galvanized or stainless steel, with UV protected insulators requiring minimal maintenance.
* Anti-burrow options available
* False Alarm Reduction
* Optional Zoning
* Legally Compliant

Keypad Access Control

Functional and Reliable HARD-WIRED and WIRELESS access control keypads can accommodate up to 1000 unique PIN Codes with any user-defined length from one to ten digits.
Features include:
* Multi-user capability
* Selectively add and delete
* Multichannel Functionality
* Three, Two, One… Delete
* Secure – in and out
* Reliable memory backup

Proximity / Biometric Access Control

The benefit of Proximity Access Control is that it can be applied from the smallest standalone access control application right through to the large, complex installation that may be needed.

Its next-generation fingerprint scanning technology, large LCD and fast processing speed leads to a terminal that allows for maximum security for the site and convenience for the user.

Intercom Systems

Cellular network-based multi-unit intercom systems that allows convenient screening of visitors at the entrance to residential or business properties before allowing access.

All intercoms from basic one-to-one kits to large apartment and commercial/industrial systems with both audio and video capability.

Boom Gate Systems

Lots of vehicles coming in and out?
You need something that goes up and down. Fast!

Our high-volume industrial Boom Gate system gives you the ultimate in traffic control. Powered by a beefy custom built DC motor and gearbox, this Boom Gate can raise up to a three metre boom pole in a blistering 1.2 seconds.

Automated Roadway Spikes

Give your Boom Gate, CLAWS!

An effective deterrent for high- volume traffic control.
Designed to provide a compelling reason for would-be criminals to reconsider their approach. Our spikes also support output for a robot interface.

Manual & Pedestrian Boom Gate

If the requirement is to cordon off a parking lot or entrance to a housing estate where a manned guard is always present, then our manual Boom Gate system is a perfect cost-effective answer.

A robust and effective barrier designed to prevent pedestrians from circumventing the Industrial Boom Gate. It’s tough, all-weather aluminium construction makes it suitable for coastal and inland applications.

CCTV Camera

Whether you need security video camera’s for your business, Home, or both, we’ve got solutions that will work for your specific need, in a variety of resolutions, from factors, and video signal technologies including: analogue, HD analogue, HD IP, dome, bullet and box security cameras.

Monitoring your property effectively requires the best surveillance cameras for your particular needs, that are user friendly, and that will protect your high-taffic, high-risk areas 24/7.

CCTV DVR Systems

A security system device that records the video from up to 16 surveillance cameras on a hard disk. The frame rate can be switched from real time to time lapse in order to save disk space.

Digital recorders are more exible than earlier analogue VHS tape systems, and the video can be easily transmitted over a computer network.

Vehicle and Licence Scanners

Where Access Control systems are made use of at a Commercial and residential security estates, it is not sufficient to use a paper-based visitor’s book, as the information given can be misleading.

Our Vehicle Scanning System intends to improve security by the use of an electronic scanner to scan vehicle license discs, drivers licenses and pedestrians RSA Identity barcodes. This information is sent through to a specific destination on a computer and is accessable at any time in case of an investigation. Data can be searched, reports can be made and the person in control can be alerted of any extraordinary events taking place.

Electric Gates and Gate Motors

Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of any premises and can be used for all sized properties. For those who find the security of their premises important, installing an electric gate with gate motor is the way to go.

Incorporating battery backup you can rely on, not to mention the extensive range of features all tailor-made for the ultimate in security and convenience.

Wall Top Rolla Spikes

The spikes are manufactured from extremely tough glass fibre-reinforced polyamide that has been UV Stabilised. A 10 year warranty against UV Degradation is offered and naturally rust is not a problem. The Star Spikes rotate on 21mm galvanised steel round tubing. Each ‘star’ has six spikes and most importantly, they rotate individually when touched, making it virtually impossible for would-be intruders to grab on to and climb over perimeter walls, fences, gates etc.