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  • We offer a wide range of products and services.
  • We are registered with the MEIBC and SEESA as well as NEASA
  • Fenceoff is compliant with all local bylaws together with being C.O.C certified where necessary
  • We have 12 Years’ experience behind us.
  • We are amongst the top specialists in producing and installing a wide variety of security fencing and access control systems.
Fenceoff is the first supplier of the ElectroMesh product. This type of barrier fence Is fully electrified (Low or high Voltage) and can also be monitored. Only one fence is required, instead of two as required by law and all components are either galvanized or stainless steel, with UV protected insulators bringing the maintenance factor down to a minimum. This very intimidating high security application is ideal for industrial and commercial parks, the mining industry and correctional services.
We have added this product to our product range due to its superiority over other manufactures.
Each upright is 120mm in width and has a steel reinforcing bar in the centre. The holes for the cross beams are not completely through and the poles are left with a 70mm rib to increase the strength. The most common and typical applications include fencing-off national roads, suburbs, schools, sensitive sites and industrial premises.
Fenceoff has branched out and brought in an Access Control division due to the high demand in advanced security levels nationwide. This division can offer services and products from Keypads to Boom Gate systems, not to mention CCTV and DVR systems as well as Vehicle and Licence disk scanners.

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